The Truck

Our Foodie Farmhouse truck is a retired Frito-Lay delivery truck that was transformed into a full professional chef’s kitchen, on wheels!  It was designed just for us, and built custom, to our specs, in “Food-Truck USA”, also known as Los Angeles.

We designed our beautiful truck to pump out serious volumes of our Gourmet Comfort Food.  With this amazing “Mobile Catering Kitchen”, we are able to serve guest counts well into the 1000’s with ease, style, and grace… with the cooking done on-site.

Foodie Farmhouse  loves to do Full Service Custom Catering.  This truck is what allows us to make the freshest possible food, right at your venue site – thereby ensuring your meat truly is mid-rare, and your vegetables are not soft and mushy.  We don’t have to worry about your food’s transport time, to get your food to your guests… it is from-scratch & freshly made to order, for you and your treasured guests.

We designed the exterior to remind us of our Foodie Homeland of Sonoma County.  If you look carefully at our truck wrap, you can see the majestic rocky coastlines, redwood valleys, farmland, cattle, and of course – vineyards.  Down to the little details on our truck, like the sunshine, farmhouses & California Poppy, we wanted our truck to fit in with our community and blend in with her surroundings by being a visual representation of the wonderful place we reside in.  Mission Accomplished.  Thank you, to all of our community members, for your continued support!  See you out there!

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